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We are

Green & Pearl.

Whatever role you are in our G&P Team, we believe your knowledge and talent will benefit the whole Organization.

We work in Cells - diverse small teams - where each cell performs as a small company. Consequently everyone learns from one another, makes decisions and actions as one and we build our future together.

If this hard working and motivating Cell Environment interests you, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Aquire knowledge and experience from Cell Working Environment. We love to see our team members grow!


All positions in the cell benefit financially from success in the project through salary and

commission. We give you autonomy to succeed and grow.


In the Cell Working Environment, each position has a single employee. This challenges you to problem solve and work as a team to liaise between client and factory development to

exceed the customer’s expectations and create superior product experiences.


Here, we build and shape our dreams as a team.

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