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VR Goggles

Delivering better products today.
High performance, low price


Deliver extremely high value products to our customers by providing innovative products and services.


Green & Pearl began our journey when we were founded on 2010.

At the outset, we believed that in order to provide the most innovative and cost competitive product for each niche of the market, we had to do our research, which lead us to develop the CCFP system for product development:

Client – Customer – Factory – Product

Over the span of six years we conducted market research with over 300 world class retailers across 48 countries to learn their customer’s expectation of products. In addition, our team walked 500 factories per year, totaling 3,000 factories, to learn and master their production and management protocols. Ultimately, we comprised a 5 graded system to determine and allocate the customer’s needs along with factory abilities. By connecting and cross checking these two fundamental requirements, our innovative products are able to 100% fulfill the customer’s expectations.

With our CCFP System in place, along with our top tier Sales Team, we successfully delivered products to The United States, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore and others, totaling 78 countries across the World.


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